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Engineering metrics that aren’t creepy

Get ethical team analytics for DORA, SPACE, and more to improve team effectiveness sustainably.
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Learn how Multitudes can help you better support remote and distributed teams.
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Get insights to unlock happier,
higher-performing teams

Identify blockers to delivery

See who's waiting longer for feedback, balance feature and bug work, and catch blocked PRs with Slack alerts.

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Two engineering team members having a one-on-one catchup to discuss flow of work, collaboration, and wellbeing.
Jira stories graph for a team retro.

Support wellbeing and collaboration

Catch the warning signs of burnout, make sure everyone is getting feedback, and celebrate the people doing glue work to make the whole team better.

Don’t just collect data, take action

Move from insights to action – get recommended questions for your next 1:1 or retro, set team goals, and track progress.

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Line chart of increase in lead time recently
Bar graph of increase in bug work recently
Out of hours work high but trending down

Get more from the tools you use every day

Multitudes fits into your workflow. Our insights come from tools you already use, and we deliver actions & nudges via Slack.

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Metrics to empower, not to monitor

To ensure that our data is used for good, not harm, we have guardrails that help us – and you! – use these metrics responsibly:

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See the difference with Multitudes

Learn how we support teams to become happier and higher-performing.

Stack Overflow podcast episode with Lauren Peate at Multitudes.

Team Analytics: Less creepy, more empowering

Hosted by Ben Popper, Cassidy Williams, and Ceora Ford

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Two smiling engineering team members, one holding a laptop, are standing next to the words “Gain visibility into what matters”

Empower your team with ethical analytics

Take an inside look
Two smiling engineering team members, one holding a laptop, are standing next to the words “Gain visibility into what matters”