Feature launch: More like a coach than a dashboard

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Screenshot of the new Multitudes app homepage with pastel-coloured organic shapes in the background.

We’re proud to launch a major feature release based on customer feedback – our app is now more like a coach than a dashboard. With automated recommendations and timely, easy-to-access actions, we guide you to unlock the collective power of your teams.

Specifically, you can now:

  1. See team metrics at a glance
  2. Get customized action items
  3. Easily get updates in Slack
  4. Find blocked PRs – real-time, but without the noise
  5. Identify people to support or celebrate

See below for more detail, or watch our updated product demo (3 min)

1. See team metrics at a glance

Animated gif of the new homepage app scrolling through 5 different charts of metrics.

The homepage (My Insights) now shows the full view of how your team is doing – from process metrics like Flow of Work, Value Delivery, and Quality of Work all the way to our people metrics on Wellbeing and Collaboration.   

2. Get customized action items

Animated gif of the new homepage app, checking out the various customized action items that show up for each metric. You can see lists of blocked PRs, PRs that were very large, etc.

Our dynamic actions highlight outlier activity you might want to discuss with your team, questions to ask in your next retro, and wins to celebrate.

3. Easily get updates in Slack

Animated gif showing someone clicking a notification bell on the landing page, and configuring a Slack alert in a little purple modal.

You can now get a summary of your team’s metrics along with the suggested actions, right in your preferred workflow (email is also an option).

Setting up Slack alerts is now easier than ever: Quickly configure Slack alerts from the homepage (look for the alert bell in the “Take Action” section of any card). Check out the GIF above for a quick demo.

If you are already connected to Slack on Multitudes and you are the Owner of your organization’s Slack: To make setting up Slack alerts even easier, please reinstall the Multitudes Slack app. This will enable you to send a message to any public channel, without having to add each channel one-by-one (note: you can still select which channels get the alert). Here’s a quick re-install link.

4. Find blocked PRs real-time, without the noise

Screenshot of a list of blocked PRs that have been awaiting review, or have been reviewed and are awaiting the next action. There is a refresh button, and the list was updated 1 minute ago. You an also see the github profile images of the PR authors.

Several significant changes improve our blocked PR alerts:

  • The list of blocked PRs is real-time, both at the time our Slack alerts are sent and on the homepage. We batch all the blocked PRs from the previous day.
  • You can now schedule the alert to arrive just in time for stand-up.
  • We’re only showing PRs last updated 8 or more hours ago. We’ve refined this to focus on PRs that have gone stale – without letting them sit for too long. 

5. Identify people to support or celebrate

Animated gif showing people on the team who gave lots of feedback (celebrate them!) and people who did lots of out-of-hours work (worth checking in with them in your next 1:1).

Our “Take Action” section highlights individuals to support or celebrate, including suggested questions to ask in an upcoming 1:1.

Note that per our data ethics principles, we don’t show individual performance metrics, just individual metrics on the people side (e.g., to celebrate someone giving lots of feedback or check in on someone doing lots of out-of-hours work). These individual insights are only visible to the person named, to the people they do 1:1’s with, and to organization owners.

Pastel-coloured shapes frolic in the background while an astronaut emoji encourages you to try out Multitudes!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a major release without many more UI improvements to make the app an easier, more fluid experience to use – we’ll leave you to discover those as you play with the app.

Ready to try it out? Request access to our private beta now!

Lauren Peate
Lauren Peate
Founder, CEO
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