A software engineer with a detailed arm tattoo and wearing a beanie hat smiles as he works on his laptop.

Analytics for healthier decisions

Go beyond the DORA metrics with a holisitic view to improve team delivery, wellbeing, and collaboration.
A software engineer with a detailed arm tattoo and wearing a beanie hat smiles as he works on his laptop.

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Track your progress and receive Slack nudges along the way to help your team improve.

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A team member sitting, leaning on an arm-rest and smiling.


Gain insights about your team’s process, collaboration efforts, and wellbeing.


Track & improve

Track your progress and receive nudges along the way to help you and your team improve.

Then back to
and repeat.


Take on recommend next steps and get tips for 1:1’s and retros.


Set a goal

Choose an area for improvement and set goals with your team.

What teams are saying about us.

Photo of Hew Ingram, Head of Engineering at Applied.

"Without Multitudes, learning and development is quite fuzzy. This tool is perfect for underpinning conversations around progression!"

Hew Ingram
Head of Engineering, Applied
Photo of Erik Barbara, Engineering Manager at Datagrail.

"A big part of the value of Multitudes is understanding psychological safety on our teams – seeing whether people feel comfortable contributing and who needs support."

Erik Barbara
Engineering Manager, Datagrail
Photo of Reza Hedayati, Engineering Manager at Safety Culture.

"We’ve talked about the 4 Accelerate metrics for a long time; Multitudes allowed us to start measuring and managing them."

Reza Hedayati
Engineering Manager, Safety Culture
Photo of Mel Schatynski, Software Engineer at Applied.

"Multitudes gave me a better feedback loop on my role in the team – over just a couple weeks, I doubled the number of reviews I did for my peers"

Mel Schatynski
Software Engineer, Applied
Photo of Ian Yamey, Co-founder & CTO of Retireable.

"Multitudes showed us that some of our team members were getting less support than others and the tool helped us take action to ensure that we’re inclusive and equitable."

Ian Yamey
Co-founder & CTO, Retirable

What exactly do we measure and why?

Process metrics

Flow of Work

Pull requests are a team sport. That’s why we focus on team delivery and process – good processes are the best way to get consistent, repeatable performance.

One metric we look at is Time to merge (how long it takes from starting work until it’s production-ready). This metric is closely related to Lead time one of the top four indicators of software team performance; more info from Google’s DORA research.

People metrics


Collaboration is critical for learning and can show whether your team has psychological safety, which is the biggest predictor of team performance (for more, see Google’s Project Aristotle research).

Multitudes looks at metrics like the Participation Gap (the gap between the quietest and loudest voices, an indicator of psychological safety) and Feedback Flows (which shows who gets feedback, how much, and from whom).


People can't do great work when they are exhausted. A study from the Wharton School of Business and University of North Carolina demonstrated that our cognitive resources deplete over time, so we need breaks to refuel.

That's why we examine behaviors such as Out-of-hours work, which shows how often people are doing work late at night or on weekends. This is an early warning sign of potential burnout.

Our Data Principles

What we measure & why

We recognize the particular risks of working with data about people. These principles guide us to act ethically with our data and encourage accountability for our actions.

Autonomy Icon

We give people control over how their data is used.

Reciprocity Icon

We only collect people’s data if we can give them value from it.

Collective Benefit Icon
Collective Benefit

We use data to create positive impact for people.

Context Icon

We support people to put data into perspective.

Accountability Icon

We encourage people to tell us when we make mistakes.

Built for teams that want delivery, without the burnout

An illustrative icon representing four teams with 3 people each.
You might be...
  • Gearing up for rapid growth in your organization
  • Looking to better understand process and people
  • Thinking about equity and inclusion on your team
  • Focused on developing as an engineering leader
An illustrative icon representing a team with four team members.
You might be...
  • Wanting better feedback to support your learning and development
  • Looking for more structure in your 1:1 and team retros
  • Someone who values learning in both technical and people skills
  • Wanting to work in a more inclusive and equitable team

Get insights without more work – no surveys or forms.

We integrate with the tools you already use. This means we show past and future trends without interrupting your work.

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Github Integration

Connect to our Github app to see analytics and insights based on your team’s PRs, reviews, and comments.

Jira Integration

Connect your Jira projects to see insights on the types of work your team does and potential blockers.


Curious about security? Multitudes is built using modern cloud infrastructure practices.

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I usually struggle with how to make changes, but prompts from Multitudes showed me where exactly to take action. I now ask better questions in 1-on-1s with my team.”

Lance Cooper
Engineering Team Lead, Conqa

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