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Conqa increased questions asked by 60%

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More questions asked in the team within 2 months.

Conqa — an innovator in quality assurance software for the construction industry — used insights from Multitudes to improve the health of their teams and quality of their product.

We worked with their engineering leaders, Pete, Walter, Dan, & Lance, to take action towards their intentions of growing team happiness, moving faster, and better understanding customer problems. Through our insights, they uncovered a blank spot around team feedback, took action, and measured their impact.

The challenge

Conqa had been growing quickly and brought in several new development hires, creating a new Tooling Team. The team lead had the challenge of supporting the group's formation while setting them up to deliver value quickly.  

Our unique insight

We know that asking questions is key for problem solving and learning; that’s why we analyzed <code-text>Questions Asked<code-text> in the feedback that team members give each other — questions are a sign of feedback quality.

Our analysis showed that as the team added new team members, this metric jumped around before falling to an all-time low at the beginning of 2020.

A stylized line graph shows that before engaging Multitudes, the percentage of comments written with questions in Conqa’s Tooling Team fluctuated from September to December 2019, and it even fell to an all-time low at the beginning of 2020.
Actions taken

Dan, the team lead, decided to have an open conversation with the team about this trend. He shared the Multitudes data and facilitated a conversation about why asking questions matter. One key point was that questions are a more constructive way to deliver feedback; they build more respectful relationships than “telling” people what to do.


<code-text>Questions Asked<code-text> increased 60% over the 2 months following the team conversation! This has coincided with the need to understand new work coming in, so this tactic is timely for product development.

A stylized line graph shows that after engaging Multitudes and taking action to improve, the Tooling Team saw a 60% increase in questions asked over two months.

What next?

Next, the team could look at how an increase in <code-text>Questions Asked<code-text> impacts the speed or quality of the work.Note, since the publication of this success story, Multitudes has added metrics that could be used to understand speed (e.g., <code-text>Lead Time<code-text>) or quality (e.g., <code-text>Change Failure Rate<code-text>).

Two team members standing side-by-side, one looking at the text to the left.

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Two team members standing side-by-side, one looking at the text to the left.