Billing & Payments

Who do I get charged for on the Multitudes app?

Payment is charged based on data inclusion. In short, you are only charged for Contributors, people whose data is included for analysis (e.g., PRs, comments, etc.), and you are not charged for Viewers whose data isn’t included but who can login to the app.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you sync your teams to GitHub, we will automatically add and remove Contributors, and notify you afterward.

Can I try it for free?

Yes! We offer a 30-day free trial. More info on our Pricing page. 

When do I need to pay?

You can start a free trial without providing any credit card information. If you want to continue after your trial, we’ll ask for your payment information then. 

Do you store any credit card information in your systems?

No. We use Stripe to manage credit card payments. You can learn more about their security practices here.

Can I change or cancel my plan at any time?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you like; however, we do not offer refunds for a billing period that you’ve already paid for. 

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