Multitudes Basics

What is Multitudes?

Multitudes is a software tool that provides insights and recommendations to unlock happier, higher-performing teams. We integrate with the collaboration tools you use at work – like GitHub – and then pull out insights about collaboration trends, wellbeing, and workflow patterns. From that, we guide you to diagnose issues and take action.

Who is Multitudes for?

Multitudes is for engineering teams who care about culture. We support engineers at all levels in an organisation to get visibility into team health, collaboration, wellbeing, and the flow of the work, and then we support you to take action – weaving the insights into your team retros and one-on-one meetings, and guiding you to set goals and track progress.

How long does it take to get set up?

It takes just a few minutes to get set up. Once you’re set up, we pull in 1 month of historic data, so you'll get custom insights within an hour.

How does it work? 

Multitudes gives engineering teams more visibility into how they work, and then guides them to make improvements that benefit the whole team.

Multitudes integrates with the collaboration tools you already use, like GitHub, and then pulls in metadata on Pull Requests (PRs) as well as data from comments and reviews. From that, we can provide insights about who’s getting support and who’s not, who’s at risk of burnout from working long hours, and where the work is getting blocked. 

How is Multitudes different from other engineering effectiveness tools?

At Multitudes, we know that PRs are a team sport. People dynamics are what determine team performance, so even if we only wanted to improve team performance, we would still need to provide insights & coaching on how the team works together. (As evidence of this, see Google’s Project Aristotle research, which showed that psychological safety is the number one determinant of team performance.) That’s why we look at things like collaboration trends and wellbeing on top of the team performance metrics that you often see in other tools.

Our second key point of difference is our focus is on empowering teams, not on micromanaging them. Our goal is to give teams, including individual contributors, the insights they need to make their own decisions about how to work together. 

Can I introduce Multitudes without disrupting my team’s workflow?

Yes! Multitudes uses passive data from GitHub, so once you’ve installed the app, your team works as normal and Multitudes pulls out insights based on team interactions.

How do I get started?

Our product is in closed beta right now, so you can request access via this form. If your use case is a fit, we’ll invite you to try the product.

Once you’ve been invited, you’ll need someone with GitHub admin access to help with set-up; they can install the Multitudes app in minutes. Once it’s installed, you get to sit back while we do the work to deliver insights about your team!

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