Use our APIs to get more flexibility and control over how you track your devOps activity. We’ll continue to build more endpoints as we go - we’re always open to feedback!


Send us information about your deployments from any CI/CD tool. We’ll use this to calculate metrics such as Lead Time through to deployment and Deployment Frequency (more info on what we measure and why). Note that our data pipeline runs every 6 hours so you may need to wait to see data after you start sending.

NOTE: You can use either our Deployments API or our GitHub Actions integration to provide us with data about deployments. If you already have our GitHub Actions integration configured, generating a token to connect to our Deployments API will override the data from GitHub Actions.

Step 1: Generate an authentication token

  1. In the Multitudes app, go to Settings > Integrations and click on the “Connect” button in the Deployments API card.

  2. On the resulting modal, click “Generate Token”.

  3. After the token has been generated, click "Copy Token" and use it in your API calls (see Step 2 below). You will only see this token once!


When you close out of the modal, the Deployments API card will now have a “Configure” button instead of “Connect” (see screenshot at left below). Clicking it will give you options to revoke your token or regenerate a new one, should you need it (see screenshot at right below).


Step 2: Send us data

To tell us about a deployment, make an HTTP POST request to our endpoint with the generated authentication token in the header and required parameters. Note that we include all data POSTed in our metric calculations, so you may want to send us only deployments in your production environment, see more details here.


{% code-block language="shell" %}
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Below is formatted as parameterName [expected format] = description.


  • commitSha [string] = the ID of the commit that is being deployed.
  • environmentName [string] = The environment that this is deploying to.


  • deployedAt [UTC datetime in ISO8601 format] = The time of the deployment. (Default: the timestamp of the request)
  • title [string] = A title to give your deployment for easy identification on our drilldown tables. (Default: title of the related pull request as matched by commit_sha, otherwise  commit title.)
  • tags [string] = A custom field for you to add labels in a comma separated string (e.g., is_fix, is_failure, sev1, product_launch). In the future, we would like to support filtering on these labels. (Default: none)


Below is formatted as code, response text, comments

  • 201 - Created successfully - Deploy registered successfully.
  • 400 - Invalid request - {reason} - The data is not in the expected format, the reason will explain which field is the issue
  • 401 - Unauthorized - API key not valid
  • 403 - Forbidden - API key does not have the correct scopes or organisation for this request or has been revoked
  • 500 - Internal server error. Please contact for more information - An unknown error has occurred, please contact support with the returned request ID for us to investigate.


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